It’s been 13 years.

It’s been 13 years since Sir Ken Robinson’s seminal speech. Ken understood what has been happening to children; the centralised system of education is standardising our human diversity and celebrating our system compliancy. In doing so, it unwittingly disembodies the spirit of exploration from responsible children and young adults with a compulsory walk along a perilous tightrope, a rope made from rigid subjects and obedience metrics that was woven many generations before. Willful, intuitive, inventive, creative and artistic children are being devalued and manipulated by an unrestrained and powerful institution. Ken spoke for me. He spoke for many of us. The compulsory classical education system is deeply flawed, but why haven’t we seen significant systemic change? Through a series of ten provocative discoveries, The Quantum Family aims to answer that question. 

Sir Kenneth Robinson
1950 – 2020
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What is The Quantum Family?

The Quantum Family is an institution of decentralised education designed for the needs of the individual in the 21st century. It’s based on a philosophy that nobody can actually tell you how to live your life, for life is a beautiful challenge that only you can figure out for yourself. It utilises current and novel technologies to enrich the home and classroom with a diverse and contemporary array of learning opportunities. Its mission is to engage creative individuals in the systemic evolution of education and encourage a new generation of system designers. It offers parents, teachers and entrepreneurs training and resources in preparation for the acquisition model and the creation of stimulating learning environments. 

How does it work?

It all begins when the adults realise that they can shift their mindset from one that’s dominated by controlling learning inputs to one that’s focused on environmental enrichment and individual acquisition. In doing so, the learning environment evolves to become a highly influential and full-time education partner. Permission is then given to the child to tune into themselves, explore and follow their instincts. Consequently, they experience innate and powerful motivation through abundant uncertainty, complexity and meaningful responsibility. Six integrated systems form a technology and core curriculum that mirrors the complexity of life, provoking engagement and resulting in the inevitable acquisition of meaningful skills and knowledge. Reporting is designed to deliver precious feedback in support of the child’s unique and complex developmental processes. Each participant is encouraged to take command of their experience, innovate and experiment with a range of pivotal roles, essential for the successful navigation of life. 

Who is it for?

It’s for those that move intuitively and believe that their purpose is to discover their mission in life. It’s for those that have a sense of what feels right, discern their relationships and prioritise health. It’s for those that bravely speak the truth and believe that they can make a real difference in the world. It’s for those relentlessly driven to explore, create, innovate, invent, compose and design. It’s for those that experience time as the most valuable and universal currency. The Quantum Family is for those that choose to reclaim command of their life, design a lifestyle and live meaningfully. 

Why become a member?

The classical education system, the input model, manipulation, standardisation and centralisation cannot be the future of a diverse and enlightened civilization. A new paradigm is emerging. It’s complex, probabilistic and inspiring. It’s Quantum in nature. It’s the inverse of what we’ve been taught for many generations, it’s often counterintuitive, and it cannot be learned from a book. It must be experienced. The Quantum Family offers training and resources to those that wish to invest in and harness the uncertain future, beginning with the intelligent modification of the residential home, classrooms and private enterprises.

Fundamentally, legacy institutions are stubborn games that are not designed to evolve. Long-awaited institutional reform begins in the home. You must be the change that many seek.